Our Projects

This new page called Our Projects summarizes many of the projects that the Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition has been working on since our founding in 2004. We want everyone to know what CDEC is doing to help educate others about the Chihuahuan Desert. Did you know that new members receive a free book on the cacti of our desert? The Chihuahuan Desert is considered the epicenter of cacti diversity with 318 species of 1500 species worldwide. Get the free book while supplies last and learn more on our membership page.

2015 – Cleveland Square Native Plant Project
This project was funded by the City of El Paso as part of a Think Tank Project that former City Manager Joyce Wilson sponsored in March 2011. El Paso Zoo Education Curator Rick LoBello proposed a El Paso Outside project designed to help El Pasoans share our city with native plants and wildlife in their neighborhoods, local and regional parks, and protected natural areas. Outcomes of the project included a YouTube video, graphics highlighting native plants living at Cleveland Square and a Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition Certified Habitat program.

2010 – Chihuahuan Desert Conference
CDEC sponsored a Chihuahuan Desert Conference A Desert Without Borders on November 13-14, 2010 at the Carlos M. Ramirez TecH2O Water Resource Learning Center in El Paso. The conference was organized by members of CDEC in hopes that a meeting of researchers, educators and members of conservation organizations would help to increase awareness of the research underway in the Chihuahuan Desert. In addition to presentations by Texas Parks and Wildlife Executive Director Carter Smith and Dave Simon, Director of New Mexico State Parks, the conference featured 12 concurrent sessions highlighting up-to-date Chihuahuan Desert Research and Education Projects completed in recent years. A poster session featured other projects followed by an evening social event at the El Paso Zoo.

2004 – First Annual Chihuahuan Desert Fiesta
This year on September 30, 2017 CDEC will help to organize the 13th Annual Chihuahuan Desert Fiesta sponsored by Franklin Mountains State Park. The first fiesta was sponsored by CDEC in September of 2004 and has been the organization’s signature project ever since. The main goal of the event has been to encourage people to connect and learn about and appreciate the Chihuahuan Desert. Educators from across the region offer free presentations and demonstrations designed to introduce the curious to the wonders of our fascinating desert.