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Above: The Chisos Mountains, Big Bend National Park, Texas

Learning about the Chihuahuan Desert Teaching Modules

An important goal of the Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition is to facilitate integration of learning about our desert into the school curriculum from kinder garden on. We appreciate your feedback and hope that you also share with us your own modules, if you have some on the Chihuahuan Desert. For more information contact Dr. Gertrud Konings at gertrudkonings@gmail.com.


Agaves  Download the PDF file
Agaves Download the PowerPoint file

Arizona barrel cactus PDF  Download the PDF file
Arizona barrel cactus PowerPoint Download the PowerPoint file

Banana Yucca PDF  Download the PDF file
Banana Yucca PowerPoint Download the PowerPoint file

Chihuahuan Desert PDF  Download the PDF file
Chihuahuan Desert PowerPoint Download the PowerPoint file

Desert willow PDF  Download the PDF file
Desert willow PowerPoint Download the PowerPoint file

Color changing lizards PDF  Download the PDF file
Color changing lizards PowerPoint Download the PowerPoint file

Sotol PDF  Download the PDF file
Sotol PowerPoint Download the PowerPoint file














Education Programs Offered by CDEC Members and Affiliates

Teachers, civic organizations and members of the media will find a wealth of Chihuahuan Desert related programs and resources available from CDEC member organizations and individuals.  Every year staff and volunteers present a wide variety of Chihuahuan Desert programs, many  using live animals and PowerPoint presentations.

Learn more by looking over the information pages below:

Education Programs
El Paso Water Utilities
Tech H20
El Paso Zoo

El Paso Zoo Adventure Flyer  Download
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Need a program not found on one of the pages above? Contact Rick LoBello at lobellorl@elpasotexas.gov


Big Bend For Teachers


Big Bend has a wealth of opportunities for teachers, scout and youth leaders. Whether you're planning a park visit for your students, looking for lesson plans or other resources to use in your classroom or home, or hoping to have a ranger visit, we've got it.

Think of your National Parks as off-site classrooms! There are many ways to utilize America's treasures as teaching tools.  After all, we have "the real thing," and we love to work with you to teach students the importance of the special places we all work together to preserve and protect for the future.  Learn More.




Check out these links

-El Paso Outside A Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition Conservation Project

-Ecobased Conservation in the Chihuahuan Desert

-Chihuahuan Desert Natural History Course Online from the UTEP Centennial Museum website

-The Mammals of Texas Online Edition
-Takota, a Golden Eagle from the El Paso Zoo.
-Trans Pecos Audubon Bird Checklists. Discover our Chihuahuan Desert Birds
-Share El Paso with Native Plants and Wildlife.
-Native Tree List. Help create wildlife habitat in your neighborhood, plant a native tree in your front yard to provide shade on your street near the sidewalk and somewhere in your backyard. 
-Ever Seen a Big Bend Quonker?  
-Eco-based Conservation in the Chihuahuan Desert - WWF      
-Chihuahuan Desert Nature Center, Fort Davis, Texas
-El Paso Naturally Blog
-Checklist to Mammals of Carlsbad Caverns National Park












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