Funny, This Doesn´t Look Like the Desert

Independence Creek Preserve is located near Sheffield, about five hours west of Austin. The Nature Conservancy bought the land to preserve water quality and protect wildlife habitat. The property opens to the public four or five times a year. The property’s wetlands provide stopover for migrating birds and butterflies.

From an April 11, 2015 column by Pam LeBlanc, Fitness, Adventure Travel reporter, Austin American-Statesman:

“Welcome to Independence Creek Preserve, a Nature Conservancy property located near Sheffield, in the transition zone between the Edwards Plateau and the Chihuahuan Desert. The preserve covers almost 20,000 acres near the headwaters of Independence Creek, just above its confluence with the Pecos River.” — To read more of this article go to:

A video, “Exploring the Independence Creek Preserve,” is included with the article.

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