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The Chihuahuan Desert is one of the most fascinating eco-regions in the world and many of us live in towns and cities in the heart of the desert. Discover the joy of membership with the Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition. As a member you have many opportunities to meet others who love our desert and can get involved in conservation education efforts helping our community learn about all the fascinating species of of wildlife and native plants that live here.

Check out our website for interactive activities that children can enjoy on our kid’s page. Contact a member of our board of directors and find out how you can help with all kinds of projects underway including adding more curriculum materials to our teachers page, certifying your front or back yard as a Chihuahuan Desert Habitat and signing up to help us with the next Chihuahuan Desert Fiesta on September 17, 2016. Membership for one year is only $10 and your membership donation is tax deductible. Join us today and share your love for our desert with family and friends. For more information on how you can help our organization grow contact any board member or our Membership Committee Director Rick LoBello at

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